Canvas print of contemplation

contemplation Isolde Neumann tree meditation nature blue sky fog

Lady of Shamballa.

Canvas print of Lady of Shamballa.

lady woman orange yellow starfish pirot skyblue bird mademoiselle

La Belle.

Canvas print of La Belle.

maiden girl woman lady blue butterfly silk bird mademoiselle bleu

Life is pure!

Canvas print of Life is pure!

see water stage landing mountain cloud isolde neumann pineappleart


Canvas print of Josephine.

lady woman blue red peacock armadillo gold pearl canvas vintage

La mademoiselle en rouge

Canvas print of La mademoiselle en rouge

composition lady woman red beetle baroque old vintage canvas parrot

King Llyr.

Canvas print of King Llyr.

man king shell blue orange red green composition baroque vintage

spot on.

Canvas print of spot on.

lizard green red spot Isolde Neumann pineappleart animal contrast


Canvas print of THINK!

Gorilla gorilla ape monkey zoo thinking thougt black and white

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