Elaine Manley

elli CA

My name is Elaine .. I am a photographer and digital artist living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada after leaving Toronto Canada of many years .. in this incarnation of my soul , my passions and love are for animals,, nature , floral and scenic views hoping to capture all the beauty in photos and artwork ..

Photography by Elaine Manley

 Active Artist

Collections by this artist

Butterfly and Bee
Flower , Flora, Floral...roses ,tulips,azalea, wild flowers   chrysanthemums
Spring...   Beautiful Spring Flower Collection
Canada ..  Atlantic, Central and Western Canada
Bird, birds .. ducks  , parrots ,robins ,bluejays ,flamingos ,eagles and other fascinating types
Swan  Swans and Swan Art
Animal..... lions ,cheetah ,tigers ,elk ,chipmonks ,squirrel , cats , zebra an many more
Ducks and Geese...Mallards, wood Ducks  and Gadwells
Landscapes ..from Sea, Ocean , Beaches  to Mountain
Misc  .. Just Things .. this and that
Monochrome .. black and white
Digital Art


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