Deer Stag, Glencoe

Dawn Stag

The Stag

The Morning After

Deer Stag in the snow

Autumn Glow

Woodland Wonders


White Stag

Red Deer in the Mist

Deer Stag in snow

Stag party

The stag

Highland Deer

Red deer stag

Fallow Deer Stag

Please Sir can I have some more?

Above Strathglass

Bachelor group of stags

Stags at Strathglass

Dreaming of tomorrow

Red Deer(Cervus elaphus)

Deer Stag

A Watchful Eye

Red Deer Stag

Red Deer (Cervus elaphus)

Ready To Rumble

Freshwater Redoubt Sunset

The stag

Red deer stags

Fallow deer buck at sunrise

Monarch of the Glen

Monarch Of The Park

Fallow in Yellow

Freshwater Sea Stack Sunset

Morning Stag


Fallow Deer


Shepherds' Warning

12 Point Stag

The monarch

Calling Stag

Roaring stag

Stag silhouette


Two Little Deer's

Stag Silhouette

Red deer stag

Stags silhouette

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