Jaguar snarling Paintover

Fire in the hold Bandra Bombay

Jaguar facing the camera

female cherries tanager

Silverback Gorilla

large green iguana

Panther profile

Jaguar big cat

Eyes of the Tiger!

Elevated view of smog filled Bombay Skyline

Portrait of an orangutan

Congo monkey resting in tree

Cockerel in the Jungle

Eco Life under shadows of Shayadri Mountains

Jaguar snarling

Summer Solstice parade , Santa Barbara , 2011.

Black and green poison dart frog


Sumatran tiger

Rendezvous At Sunset

two crickets mating

tropical wild flowers

sarapiqui river scene

green tree pit viper


Citizen of the World

On the dead leaves,

Male cherries tanager

flowering bromelia stalk

Griffin Vulture (Gyps fulvus)

After the Rain

Jungle Falls


Tropical bee visits a Heliconia flower

Laotian Waterfall

river rapids

Valley of Sahyadri Mountains

Abstract Macro photograph of the buds on an Ixora


crimson fronted parakeet eating

Leopard Anticipating Lunch

The Lioness

Wild saffron 2,

Forte de São João da Barra Cabanas de Tavira

Fluffy Jubilee macaw

Scarlet macaw eating

lobster claw heliconia

close-up of a crickets face

A dried river

wild crocodile on the riverbank

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